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FLM | SRM | QRT | TIS / 900+ Touch-points / 20000+ ATMs / 2 TO 4 HRS TAT

Comprehensive Maintenance Solution for all your assets

2 to 4 hours TAT anywhere in the country.

Any brand, make or model of ATMs, banking automation products and surveillance systems.

Choose from a range of bundled service-combos or ask us to design a unqiue solution for you.

First Level Maintenance

First line maintenance, or FLM, is a dedicated top hatch maintenance service. Veritas provides this service across all makes and models of ATMs, Micro-ATM, POS, Cash Counting Machines, Fake Note Detectors, and other such transaction automation products.

With over 900 touch points,Veritas covers more than 20000 ATMs across the country, delivering an uptime of over 90% to more than 90% of the assets under its services.

The top hatch service covers all incidents that do not require access to the vault (cash) area of the ATM. Our service personnel are trained on all the makes and models of automation products currently installed anywhere India.

Our VIMS (Veritas Incident Management System) is a state-of-the-art CRM that is available to all our customers. This system not only gives real time status but also can provide periodical reports of performance of the assets we service. We add value by providing crucial information on the performance of the assets and highlight chronic issues.

Site Repairs & Maintenance

Veritas offers SRM services for offices, branches, ATM lobbies and retail outlets spanning the length and breadth of the country.

Veritas has a dedicated team that executes routine maintenance of all real-estate infrastructure. This team carries out minor and major repair works and replacements of electrical accessories, sockets, switches, bulbs, etc. in branches, ATM lobbies as well as off-site kiosks.

E-surveillance systems, alarms and warning systems and biometric equipment are also installed and maintained under post-warranty maintenance contract.

Reporting of any mishaps and conditions of power supplies (UPS) and other electrical appliances such as air conditioners are also part to this team’s scope of work. Though repairs are not covered under this service, the team covers the upkeep of display signage, posters, notices, etc.

Our technicians visit the sites on pre-scheduled dates (or periodicity). During these visits they perform the contracted duties, such as preventive maintenance, cleaning, repairing and/or pest control. They also provide valuable feedback on the condition of the site overall and highlight any specific area (not covered under our contract) that will help the customer improve their service delivery. This value addition ensures that the customers’ assets are well maintained and perform optimally.

Any work that is not covered under the SLA is carried out after duly approved quotation and confirmed work orders.

Quick Response Team

Trained and dedicated teams are provided across the country to respond quickly to any emergency or untoward incident at your ATM site. The Quick Response Team is the first to reach the asset location to note and inform you any incident that may occur at your asset location.

The QRT strictly adheres to specific TAT for all emergency and reactive calls. The team reaches the site to assess the emergency and assist in completing the documentary formalities that may be required by the concerned authorities.

This team also ensures that the shutters of your ATM sites are opened and shut at the scheduled timings to ensure that your customers are not inconvenienced, and you do not lose the valuable revenue generating footfalls.

Installation & Relocation Services

The only maintenance service provider who offers a complete range of services to free you from complicated and time-consuming multiple vendor management.

We at Veritas have a technically qualified team which will help you source the hardware your customer specifies.

Veritas is the leading ATM maintenance service provider, in the country, with the expertise to install, maintain, repair, remove and reinstall.

Veritas can provide customers an end-to-end solution of installing (including grouting) the ATM to getting it online (tech-ready). Our expertise will help you in reducing your labour and expend your resources on your core competency. Veritas will source, install, integrate, test and commission all the systems.

Total Infrastructure Services

Veritas is the leading ATM maintenance service provider, in the country, with the expertise to install, maintain, repair, remove and reinstall. Veritas has been servicing all makes and models of ATMs across the country for all leading MSPs in the country.

We offer a comprehensive and trusted service that starts with the initial site survey through to the installation of the new ATMs. If required, Veritas can coordinate with third party logistics partners to package and relocate (or dispose) the replaced machines from site.

Veritas brings all these services to you at your convenience – right from initial site survey to handing over upon completion – and handled with speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Our range of services include:

  • Visit and conduct a thorough audit of the site.
  • Survey and diagnose the machine fault and prepare a comprehensive report for rectifications.
  • Liaise with third parties to provide transportation of machines to and from site (if required).
  • Manage the project in third party contractors are involved for other specialist services.

Our personnel are trained and qualified to work on the project with thorough knowledge of the makes and models of ATMs available in India.
Our Standard Operating Procedures (post site-audit) include:

  • Constructing the site (as per you plan, design and branding)
  • Grouting and bolting the ATM
  • Upload the requisite software to ensure your ATM is functioning optimally
  • Installing and ensuring ATM is powered on and handing over the site and ATM to your technical team
  • Installing and commissioning all surveillance and security systems (if in scope of work)
  • Packaging the old/replaced ATM (if required) for transportation (by third party)
  • Clearing the work area and readying it for your customers

Veritas Premium Services

Incident Management Service: Veritas offers this limited service to our customers to facilitate having an onsite team to manage their incidents. The team members will be selected based on the job description and qualification specified by the customer. A thorough background check and verification is done before the human talent is assigned to the customer site.

Cheque (and other instruments) collection and deposit Service: Veritas will arrange to collect financial instruments from your customers and deposit appropriately, saving you valuable time faster realisation of your payments.

Dedicated & Qualified Field Resources: Veritas can provide qualified and trained engineers and technicians for your onsite jobs. The credentials and backgrounds are thoroughly verified before they are deputed for you.

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