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There's a lot happening at Veritas!

What better way to celebrate 9th year of serving India!

COVID19 Inoculation Drive - 2nd Dose - August 2021

The second dose of the vaccine was arranged during the last week of August 2021.

There is more an employee-company relationship than just work and pay. We at Veritas are committed to being a people-centric company.

COVID19 Inoculation Drive - 1st Dose - June 2021

Veritas arranged a free Inoculation Camp for its Employees and their Family members to be vaccinated against the COVID19 virus. This is another one of the company's continued endeavours to ensure the welfare and safety of its people.

As always, Veritas is committed to contribute to the Nation's need whenever and however possible. The young workforce of Veritas is an invaluable asset of the company and the country.

Jai Hind!