Why Choose Us?

If it's automation maintenance, it must be Veritas!



The only total transactions automation maintenance service provider spanning the length and breadth of the country.



The truly one-stop-shop maintenance service provider, for any make, brand or model.



Customised solutions designed for your unique need, to fulfill your commitments and ensure customer delight.

Our Story

Redefining maintenance service delivery

Welcome to Veritas!

Embark on a transformative journey with Veritas, India's foremost destination for Transaction Automation & Infrastructure Maintenance Services. Our commitment extends beyond industry norms as we cater to the entire spectrum of ATMs, automation, surveillance, security systems, and essential infrastructure, covering all makes and models.

The Heart of Innovation in Mumbai, Expanding Nationwide

Nestled in the vibrant city of Mumbai, Veritas stands tall as a true Indian powerhouse. With a dynamic headquarters in Mumbai and an expansive network of touch points strategically positioned across the nation, we bring our top-tier services directly to you. Our reach spans from the northern peaks to the southern shores, ensuring that Veritas is always within reach, ready to elevate your business operations.

Your All-Inclusive Solution for Transaction Automation Maintenance

At Veritas, we redefine excellence by not only offering comprehensive maintenance solutions but by being your one-stop-shop for every transaction automation need. From inception and installation to meticulous maintenance, Veritas is your trusted partner, streamlining the entire process with seamless precision.

Tailored, Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Success

Veritas takes pride in crafting solutions that go beyond mere functionality. We customize cost-effective strategies that align seamlessly with your business objectives, allowing you to concentrate on your core priorities. At Veritas, we are not just maintenance providers; we are architects of value, committed to propelling your business towards unprecedented success.

Join us at Veritas and witness a new era of excellence in Transaction Automation & Infrastructure Maintenance Services — where innovation meets reliability, and your success becomes our paramount focus.


Welcome to Veritas, a trailblazer in India's maintenance solutions landscape, specializing in ATMs and various transaction automation products. As a preferred partner for the country's leading MSPs, Veritas stands as a reliable pillar, dedicated to ensuring seamless operations and optimal service delivery for your business.

Tailored Maintenance Solutions

Veritas takes pride in offering bespoke maintenance services designed with your economics and service commitments in mind. Our goal is to empower you to concentrate on your core business priorities while we handle the intricate details of maintaining ATMs, Point-of-Sale Terminals, Note Counters, and more, regardless of make or model.

Nationwide Reach

Spanning the entire country, Veritas boasts a vast network of over 900 touch points, strategically positioned to serve 25,000+ ATMs. Our extensive coverage ensures that wherever your business operates, our services are readily available to support your needs.

First Level Maintenance (FLM) Excellence

As the foremost First Level Maintenance (FLM) and housekeeping services (HKS) provider in the nation, Veritas sets the standard for excellence. Our commitment to maintaining over 25,000 ATMs underscores our dedication to ensuring operational efficiency and reliability.

Choose Veritas for unparalleled nationwide coverage, tailored maintenance solutions, and a commitment to elevating your business operations in the realm of financial and banking transaction automation.

About Us

Leading Excellence in ATM Industry Maintenance

At the helm of Veritas is an exceptional team of seasoned professionals, collectively possessing an unparalleled wealth of experience in the ATM industry. Their leadership drives Veritas to deliver maintenance solutions that stand as a testament to excellence and expertise.

A Legacy of Innovation Since 2012

Established in 2012 by visionary first-time entrepreneurs with an astounding cumulative experience of over 50 years in the ATM industry, Veritas Infratech Pvt. Ltd. emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Based in the vibrant city of Mumbai, the company was officially incorporated in 2015 with a steadfast commitment to providing unparalleled professional services.

Pioneering Progress in Under a Decade

In a remarkably short span of less than a decade, Veritas has not only secured its position as the preferred service partner for leading MSPs nationwide but has also garnered admiration for introducing innovative and cost-effective solutions to redefine maintenance requirements. Our track record speaks volumes about our ability to consistently surpass expectations.

Setting New Standards in Transaction Automation Maintenance

Veritas is not merely a service provider; it is a trailblazer that is actively elevating the standards of transaction automation maintenance. Our relentless pursuit of excellence, coupled with a dynamic approach to innovation, positions Veritas at the forefront of the industry. Choose Veritas for a maintenance partner that transcends expectations and sets the bar for unparalleled quality and proficiency.


Raise the bar on Customer Delight while enabling growth in the Client Business by becoming the most preferred organisation to work with – for our employees and partners.


Become the wind beneath the wings of tomorrow’s commercial giants.

Design and deliver solutions that give tangible returns on the client’s infrastructure investments.

Create a nationwide service network through a combination of direct and partner presence.

Enable excellence by pursuing opportunities in the service vertical and create ‘entrepreneurial partners’ across the nation.

Deliver simple innovative solutions – accurately, promptly and cost-effectively.


Single largest ATM maintenance service provider in the country – with over 950+ serviced locations.

Turn-around-time (TAT) of 2 to 4 hours anywhere in the country.

All non-cash related maintenance services for all brands/makes of ATMs under one roof.

Offer additional (related) uniquely customised services.

Delivering Customer Delight

A Few Snap Shots

Complete Turnkey Projects are undertaken and delivered to specifications under stringent quality control of work and material - across the country!

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Our Maintenance Solutions

Veritas is the true one-stop-shop for all your maintenance requirements, with a Turn-Around-Time (TAT) of 2 to 4 hours anywhere in the country ATMs, Micro-ATMs, POS, Kiosks, Note/Coin Counting Machines & Fake Note Detectors, Security & Surveillance systems, Sensors & Alarm systems, we cover all your maintenance requirements, be it any make or brand.

Choose a standalone or combo pack of services to meet your unique need. Our dedicated CRM enables tracking and managing your assets' uptime, anytime in real-time.

First Level Maintenance

If you are not outsourcing, you are overspending!


Discover seamless maintenance reliability for your transaction automation tools and e-surveillance systems. From ATMs, Micro-ATMs, POS, Printer Kiosks, Cash Counting Machines, Fake Note Detectors to a range of other cutting-edge products, we ensure they stay operational 24/7.

Introducing First Line Maintenance (FLM), a dedicated top hatch service by Veritas committed to maximizing the productivity of your assets. Our FLM service is available nationwide, covering all makes and models, guaranteeing that your essential systems are always in top condition.

With an extensive network of over 900 touchpoints, Veritas oversees more than 25,000 ATMs and banking sites throughout the country. We proudly maintain an uptime exceeding 90%, serving over 90% of the assets under our expert care.

The top hatch service exclusively addresses incidents that don't require access to the vault (cash) area of the ATM. Our service personnel are extensively trained on all makes and models of automation products deployed across India, ensuring a reliable and consistent performance for your valuable assets.

Total Infrastructure Services

Hassle-free and comprehensive solution tailored to your convenience and industry needs!


Explore our comprehensive and reliable services delivered by a team of seasoned professionals with a proven track record in executing high-quality and time-sensitive projects across various industries. Our expertise spans Hospitality, Healthcare, Banking, Education, BPO/KPO, Malls, Retail Stores, Supply Chain (Warehousing), and more

Veritas is your one-stop solution, offering a seamless experience from the initial site survey to project completion, characterized by speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Key features include:

Architectural Construction and Interior Designing

Visual Merchandising (Electrical Display Board / Glow Sign Board)

Electrical Systems

E-Surveillance / Access Control Installation and Maintenance

IT Networking

Fire Fighting System

Vendor Management

Installing and commissioning all surveillance and security systems

Clearing the work area and readying it for your customers

We prioritize your peace of mind by ensuring:

Total statutory compliance with all personnel/employee laws.

Trained field staff on all existing and latest technology.

To view a sample of our work - Click here...

Site Repairs & Maintenance

Comprehensive and proactive approach to real estate infrastructure management!


Veritas extends its Strategic Real Estate Management (SRM) services to offices, branches, ATM lobbies, and retail outlets throughout the country.

Our dedicated team specializes in the routine maintenance of all real estate infrastructure, addressing both minor and major repair works and replacements of electrical accessories, sockets, switches, bulbs, etc., in branches, ATM lobbies, and off-site kiosks.

Under post-warranty maintenance contracts, Veritas ensures the installation and upkeep of e-surveillance systems, alarms, warning systems, and biometric equipment. The team also monitors power supplies, including UPS, and other electrical appliances like air conditioners, reporting any mishaps promptly. While repairs are not covered, the team takes care of display signage, posters, notices, and more.

Scheduled visits by our technicians involve performing contracted duties such as preventive maintenance, cleaning, repairing, and pest control. Moreover, our team offers valuable feedback on the overall condition of the site, highlighting areas not covered under the contract that can enhance the customer's service delivery. This additional insight ensures optimal performance of our customers' assets.

For any work beyond the Service Level Agreement (SLA), Veritas conducts approved quotations and confirmed work orders, ensuring transparency and efficiency in our service delivery.

Installation & Relocation Services

Streamlined and hassle-free experience in Banking Automation management!


Discover unparalleled convenience with Veritas, your exclusive maintenance service provider offering a comprehensive suite of services to liberate you from the complexities and time constraints associated with managing multiple vendors.

Our dedicated and technically qualified team at Veritas goes beyond traditional services. We not only assist you in sourcing the hardware specified by your customers but also excel in providing detailed and expert installation services for Banking Automation solutions.

As the leading Banking Automation maintenance service provider in the country, Veritas takes pride in its unmatched expertise. Our installation services for Banking Automation are not just about placing machines; we offer a holistic end-to-end solution. This involves meticulous installation processes, including necessary integrations, ensuring that the Banking Automation system is seamlessly incorporated into its designated space.

Moreover, Veritas doesn't stop at installation alone. We go the extra mile to make your Banking Automation tech-ready, handling the entire process from sourcing and installing to integrating, testing, and commissioning all systems. This comprehensive approach not only ensures the smooth functioning of your Banking Automation solutions but also allows you to redirect your labour and resources towards your core competency.

Quick Response Team

Ensuring both security and operational efficiency!


Veritas ensures your ATM sites are safeguarded with trained and dedicated Quick Response Teams (QRT) strategically positioned across the country, ready to swiftly respond to any emergency or untoward incident.

Our Quick Response Team is the first on the scene, promptly reaching the asset location to observe and inform you of any incidents. Committed to efficiency, the QRT strictly adheres to specific Turnaround Time (TAT) for all emergency and reactive calls. They not only assess the situation and provide essential information but also assist in completing the necessary documentary formalities required by the relevant authorities.

In addition to emergency response, the team plays a crucial role in ensuring the operational continuity of your ATM sites. They meticulously manage the opening and closing of shutters at scheduled timings, minimizing inconvenience to your customers and ensuring you don't miss out on valuable revenue-generating footfalls.

Veritas Premium Services

When the extra-something is needed!


Incident Management Service: Empower your business with Veritas' Incident Management Service—an exclusive offering tailored to our clients' needs. Our commitment involves deploying a dedicated onsite team meticulously selected based on the precise job descriptions and qualifications defined by our customers. To ensure utmost reliability, each team member undergoes a comprehensive background check and verification process before being assigned to the customer's site.

ChequeCollection and Deposit Service: Streamline your financial operations with Veritas' specialized Cheque and Instrument Collection and Deposit Service. We take charge of collecting financial instruments from your customers and ensure their timely and accurate deposit, ultimately saving you valuable time and expediting the realization of your payments.

Dedicated & Qualified Field Resources: Experience unparalleled support with Veritas' Dedicated and Qualified Field Resources. We offer a pool of highly trained engineers and technicians for your onsite tasks. Prior to deployment, each professional's credentials and background are meticulously vetted, guaranteeing you a team of experts that align seamlessly with your requirements. Trust Veritas for top-notch, verified talent tailored to your needs.

Our Delighted Customers

Delivering Commitments | Earning Trust

Leading Managed Services Providers (MSP) & Cash Replenishment Agencies (CRA) have placed their faith in our commitment to quality, with an eye on TAT and cost. Your commitments to your customers are our priority. We understand your unique requirements and deliver cost-effective solutions.

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Veritas Infratech Private Limited

Registered & Corporate Office
K. Raheja Prime, 8th Floor, Sag Baug Road, Marol
Andheri East, Mumbai, MH 400059. India.

+91 (22) 4946 7777


Attend your call within 2 to 4 hours, anywhere in the country:

North:  Bhopal | Chandigarh | Delhi | Lucknow

East:  Bhubaneswar | Guwahati | Kolkata | Patna

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