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    Happy and Healthy working enviroment ensures better Teamwork

    FLM | SRM | QRT | TIS / 900+ Touch-points / 20000+ ATMs / 2 TO 4 HRS TAT

    The Veritas Team

    Leadership is not about taking you where you want go, but where you ought be!

    Team player is not about being just another member but being the link that holds the chain together.

    Working together is not just about being well aligned, but helping each other to overcome all obstacles.

    Our Team | Our Goals

    We are full of enthusiasm and commitment. 50 man-years of experience make a lot of difference - in maintenance services.

    A team of young, hardworking, well-trained people makes the difference between 'done' and 'done properly on time'.

    Every individual is trained to perform his/her job to the best of his or her capacity. The team overall is enabled and capable to make sure your incidents are attended to on time and help you meet your commitments to your customers.

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